An Early Review of FIFA 19 for PS4

fifa 19 ps4

Although FIFA 19 PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch are going to be released on September 28th this year, there are several people who are given the privilege to test and review the game before others can. This article will be one of the earliest reviews of FIFA 19 you will find. This article will give several reviews of the game in terms of the positive and negative sides that the game provides to the gamers. From this article, you can decide whether the game is worth buying and playing, or you should save money for other things instead. Well, without further ado, let’s check the review now!

The Pros

If we look at the aspects that made FIFA 19 looks great, then, the aspects are numerous. The first is the graphics; it is astonishingly beautiful to see and the details are absolutely wonderful, thanks to its Frostbite 3 Engine. EA never fails to satisfy our eyes. The details, shadows, and lighting are improved in this game.

Another positive aspect of FIFA 19 is its improvement of tactical availability compared to its predecessors. You can have more players to guard the corner when a corner kick happens. Also, before and during a match, you can have a richer customization in your tactic. Compared to FIFA 18, FIFA 19 has a more immersive list of tactic and strategy selection which can assist you to execute the best scheme to win a match!

FIFA 19 PS4 also offers you a career mode which is more detailed and provides a richer experience. The Journey mode offers you the sequel from the previous game. Now, you can continue the story of Alex Hunter in this game!

The best part of the game is now you can play the Champions League! It’s true, now FIFA has obtained the license from UEFA in order to make you able to feel the experience of playing in the Champions and Europa League perfectly!

The cons

There are so many pros in FIFA 19, and conversely, the cons are few, but they still exist here and there. The graphics are, although improved, there is a flaw in terms of facial graphics of the players. Most of the faces are great, but apparently, there is a decrease of details on the face of the players who are outside the Premier League.

The next thing considered as a con is the physics. There is an improvement in physics, but the improvement made only small changes; FIFA 19 PS4 physics improvement is somehow very tiny compared to the previous game.


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