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fifa 19 PC

If you want to download FIFA 19 PC, then, you will have to wait a little bit longer since it is available for download in twenty days after this article is being written, which is September 28, 2018. The demo has not released as well, and there is no info regarding it. But usually, EA releases a demo for FIFA one or two weeks before the launching date of the main game. However, you can pre-order the game now at Origins! Well, what are the versions of FIFA 19 that EA offers to us? How much will each of the versions costs?

FIFA 19 Standard Edition

The first version of FIFA 19 offered by EA Sports is the Standard Edition. By purchasing it, you can get the vanilla edition of the game. As additions, by purchasing the game, you can also get five Jumbo Premium Gold Packs which will be delivered to you each per weeks, Christiano Ronaldo’s loan items which you can use up to seven FIFA 19 Ultimate Team (FUT) matches, and several of beautifully-made Special Edition FUT kits which are designed by FIFA artists. FIFA 19 Standard Edition is available for Pre-Order now and costs USD 69.90 on Origin.

FIFA 19 Champions Edition

FIFA 19 Champions Editions is the next version of FIFA 19 PC offered by EA. After purchasing and downloading the game, you will obtain many benefits which make your gaming experience richer. Upon installing, you will receive a three-day access which enables you to play the game three days earlier from the initial release date. Also, you can gain every week a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (you will receive each of the pack in 20 weeks, 20 packs are the packs you will get), you can also pick one of five gold players for Champions League, loan items from Christiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. available to use for seven FUT matches, and FUT kits that are designed by FIFA artists.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition

This is the best version of FIFA 19 you can purchase from Origin. You can obtain the highest experience of playing the game by purchasing the Ultimate Edition because you can play it three days earlier before the release, and there are several items you can obtain. You will get 40 Packs of Jumbo Premium Team (two packs will be delivered every week in 20 weeks). Otherwise, the benefits are similar to the Champions Edition. You can pre-order FIFA 19 PC Ultimate Edition now and it costs USD 119.90.


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