Everything about Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay

dragon ball fighterz gameplay

There are several things you need to know about Dragon Ball FighterZ gameplay, and surely, these things are interesting things! The game itself, which is Dragon Ball FighterZ, is a fighting game that was released on January 28, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam for PC. As additional information, Bandai Namco, the company which published the game, has stated that it will release the game for Nintendo Switch at the end of 2018, although the exact time is unknown. The game enjoys mainstream success upon its release and is known as the fastest-selling Dragon Ball game ever released! The gameplay is one of the factors why the game is successful.

The gameplay

Dragon Ball FighterZ has a gameplay which basically very similar to other fighting games, such as Tekken and Marvel vs. Capcom. Its three-attack-one-action button mapping is unlike Marvel vs. Capcom, while the game itself runs on 2.5D, similar to Injustice : Gods Among Us and its sequel. However, although its control is similar to Marvel vs. Capcom, there several features that make Dragon Ball FighterZ unique, which are medium attacks and heavy attacks. Medium attacks in the game are more like of a fusion between light and medium attacks on other fighting games, while heavy attacks are actually knockout blows. Meanwhile, the action button performs unique moves.

dragon ball fighterz gameplay 1

Also, as a part of Dragon Ball FighterZ gameplay, to start a match, you will need to form a team which is composed of three characters. In a match, you control one character in a time, while the others are waiting outside the game as assistants for the character you currently play. If necessary, at one time, one of the assisting characters can be summoned to assist the main character, creating a combo composed of a series of attacks by two characters. To win, you must defeat all three enemy characters.

Story mode

The story mode of this game serves as the way to explain why all of the characters in the game gather and fight together. In it, you will have to follow a series of lore-wise stories. However, the story mode is considered to be too long and boring, receiving harsh critics from fans worldwide.

dragon ball fighterz gameplay 2

Lootbox system

This is the infamous step made by Bandai Namco, by putting loot box system in the game! By winning matches, finishing chapters of Story Mode, and finishing tutorial, you can gain a currency in the game called zeni, which in turn, can be used to purchase a loot box called Z Capsule and each of them costs 1,000 zeni. The item obtained from the capsule are randomly-generated, so, it can be considered as a form of gamble. Well, those are everything you should know aboutDragon Ball FighterZ gameplay!


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