For Fans of Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online Will be Awesome Too

grand theft auto online

After Rockstar Games launched Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online was released. Grand Theft Auto offers an experience similar to Grand Theft Auto V with some differences. In Grand Theft Auto Online, you will meet other players. The focus of Grand Theft Auto Online will be on multiplayer mode along with team deathmatch and races.

Unique Way to Create Characters

In many Massive Multiple Online games, you can choose the physical characteristics of your character. Rockstar decided to take a different approach. Rather than choosing right away the type of eyes and noses and skins of your character, you need to choose four grandparents of your character.

Once you do that, then you can decide how much influence each of the grandparents has on your character. While in RPG games you can decide the status of your character, in Grand Theft Auto Online, you can choose the activities of your character does. These activities that you choose will affect how your character looks like, such as their weight and their clothing. There are some things that you can control directly though, such as hairstyles, glasses, and beards.

Building Your Character

GTA Online

After you create your character, you will be flown into Los Santos and you can start your adventure. Just like Grand Theft Auto V, in Grand Theft Auto Online, you still need to get cash to buy weapons. You can also steal cars.

At first, you will get several tutorial missions. After that, you can ask for missions from characters with whom you are familiar. Of course, you can also do multiplayer jobs so you can interact with other players. Those co-op jobs have various goals. Some ask you to steal drugs, some others might ask you to take over a meth lab.

You can also find deathmatches. These deathmatches are divided into two variants. One is where players can respawn while the other is the more challenging where players cannot respawn.

In Grand Theft Auto V, you can create havoc by stealing cars and killing innocent pedestrians and robbing banks, but in Grand Theft Auto Online, you can cause mayhem along with other players.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, sometimes you need to work with other players while other times, you need to fight against them. There are many things you can do. And this is one of the highlights of Grand Theft Auto Online.

For people who like Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online is another game they must play.


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