PES 2019 is Ready for Download, except for PS3

pes 2019 ps3

If you are waiting for PES 2019 PS3, then, unfortunately, you will be disappointed. Konami has confirmed that the previous game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, will be the last of the PES series to be released on seventh-generation consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is unfortunate news for both PS3 and 360 users because this fact makes them force themselves to purchase the latest console in order to play PES 2019, which obviously, costs higher than the console they currently own. Nevertheless, are you eager for what the game offers? Let’s check the features offered by PES 2019!

Features offered

The full version of PES 2019 has been released by Konami on August 28, 2019, and is now available to download (the pirated games are also widely available in various sites if you are wondering). As usual, Konami has equipped the game with awesome features embedded in the game. You can experience the features by downloading and playing the original game.

The graphics offered by PES has always been beautiful thanks to the Fox Engine, and PES 2019 is no exception in this. In PES 2019, you can spot that it becomes better in terms of graphics thanks to its lighting system, called Global Illumination, which enables the game to possess a better level in texture, crowd, weather, and shadows. Another improvement in detail also has been put in place since it supports 4K HDR due to its software. This 4K HDR feature makes PES 2019 PS3 is unable to be made, and therefore, not available.

The license shows both signs of progress in terms positive and negative. On the positive light, the teams featured in PES 2019 are increased in numbers compared to the previous games. You can play more selection of teams and stadiums offered inside the game with the best experience. On the negative light, Konami has failed to secure a license for UEFA, which makes them unable to put UEFA Champions and Europa League inside the game, unlike the previous games which allowed you to enjoy both of the leagues.

Why is PES 2019 not available for PS3?

Perhaps you are wondering why PS3 will not gain its PES game this year. The decision not to release PES games to PS3 anymore is made because the company has realized that although seventh-generation consoles like PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii still have numerous players around the world, the amount of them are constantly decreasing and the successors of those consoles have provided game companies with a huge profit. Besides, the hardware of seventh-generation consoles is becoming obsolete, restricting new game features to be utilized optimally. The fact that PES 2019 PS3 will not be available is saddening.


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