Players who will be Portrayed on FIFA 19 Cover

fifa 19 cover

This year, a new FIFA game will be released and FIFA 19 cover will portray someone who is already well-known the world of football. But who will be the face of FIFA cover this year? Well, the covers of FIFA games are always portraying famous football players and it’s mostly players from Europe or Southern America (because the best players tend to originate from there). And the face of the person who will be displayed on the cover is a player who was also portrayed in the last FIFA game before FIFA 19. That’s right, you will figure who he is by now. But if you don’t, then stick with this article and read it until the end to find out more

Cristiano Ronaldo shines again

The news turns out to be true, the person will be portrayed on the cover of FIFA this year is, once again, Cristiano Ronaldo! Ronaldo, a famous football player from Portugal who formerly playing for a Spanish football club Real Madrid, will be featured on FIFA 19’s cover and it will be his second time to be put on FIFA’s cover. The first time he was portrayed in the cover of FIFA was the last year, to be precise; he was portrayed in the cover of FIFA 18. The reason why he is portrayed is pretty easy to guess : because the guy is extremely famous and loved by everybody!

But the reason why Ronaldo chose to sign a contract with FIFA since a year ago is still a mystery because he had already become an icon for the game which is the main competitor to FIFA, which is Pro Evolution Soccer, or abbreviated as PES. Ronaldo was also shown on two PES games, which was PES 2012 and PES 2013.

A sudden change

After EA has announced news regarding FIFA 19 cover and Ronaldo will be portrayed, there is one change that occurs and EA had to do something to solve it. On July 10, 2018, a sudden act was made by Ronaldo by signing a contract which lasts four years with a well-known Italian club, Juventus. The transfer broke a record of a transfer price for a 30-year-old player, as well as the highest contract ever agreed by an Italian club. This made EA make a little change to the cover since the old cover still portrayed Ronaldo with its former club uniform, which is Real Madrid. Quickly, his photo for FIFA 19 cover was digitally altered to show him with the Juventus uniform.


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