The Closest Way to Download and Play Dragon Ball FighterZ on Android

download dragon ball fighterz android

Are you curious about where you can download Dragon Ball FighterZ Android? Well, we do not mean to make you sad, but sadly, there is no way possible to download the game into your Android smartphone in any legal way.

The reason why Dragon Ball FighterZ is not available to download for Android is that the company never released the game to the Play Store. However, if you really wish to play it on your smartphone, then, don’t worry! There is a way to “imitate” the experience of playing Dragon Ball FighterZ which possible to do using your Android phone. But, please keep in mind that this is just an alternative, not to make you able to play the actual game.

Download and play Dragon Ball Legends

Since you can’t play Dragon Ball FighterZ on mobile, the best way to imitate the experience is to play another Dragon Ball game which is officially released for Android, and the game is Dragon Ball Legends. Dragon Ball Legends is a game released by Bandai Namco Entertainment for mobile platform market which is composed of Android and iOS. Unlike Dragon Ball FighterZ for consoles and PC, it is released as a free-to-play game which requires no transaction in order to allow you playing. However, the game also uses a freemium system, which means, the game demands you no important purchase but will make you buy several small items with your money. Although most of them are cheap, if combined, the price can rival any full game on the Play Store, so play carefully!

Dragon Ball Legends’ selling point is its graphics, which are marvelous for a free-to-play Android game. Other than that, there are no strong points to play this game to imitate playing Dragon Ball FighterZ Android. Well, at least the game is free, though!

What about modded APK?

If you surf the internet, you will find some sites which provide a link to download an APK of Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, you will need to be careful with those sites, because Bandai Namco never stated that they would release the game for Android. Although not all of the owners of those sites are bad, the chance that you would receive a malicious app instead of the promised game is very high. Surely, there are several indie games that are able to create a gaming experience close to the desired game, you can never be too careful. So, downloading an APK to play Dragon Ball FighterZ Android is not the best idea.


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