The Closest Ways to Play FIFA 19 on Android

fifa 19 android

Although FIFA Mobile has been around for two years, you will not find anything about FIFA 19 Android on the Play Store. Aside from FIFA Mobile, the last time EA released a FIFA game for the Android platform was in 2011, which is FIFA 12. For five years, there is no option to play FIFA using an Android phone, and this is because of the high level of piracy targeting Android apps. To encounter this, EA released FIFA Mobile in 2016, which provides with you a chance to play FIFA on mobile without any purchase. However, you can also replicate the experience of playing FIFA 19 on your android by these ways.

  1. Playing FIFA Mobile

The first closest way to play FIFA using your phone is to play FIFA Mobile. As mentioned earlier, the game has become available from two years ago and still constantly updated by the company to add more features, players, events, and matches. Also, for additional information, the game is a free-to-play game which leans towards a freemium game. The fact that the game is free is both appealing and repulsive to players. What makes it appealing is that it is free to download straightly from the Play Store, enabling everyone who is low in cash to play the game. The repulsive fact is that the game also contains so many microtransactions, when combined, can rival any most expensive games available on the store.

One of the good parts of the game is its light memory requirements. The game is so light; it allows a wide range of Android phones to install and play it at the maximum experience. However, the light size limits its graphics to have a low-to-medium quality, which makes it a double-sided sword.

The availability of players is also an issue. Although all players are available, you need a bit of luck to obtain the best of them, because the game runs on a kind gacha system, commonly found in other free-to-play games.

  1. Downloading Mods

The next closest thing you can do to play FIFA 19 Android is to download Mods available on the internet. There are so many sites which provide you an APK for FIFA 19, which are actually, modded games. Most of them are a heavily modified version of another game, such as Dream League Soccer. Nevertheless, the modded games available are mostly rich in detail and did an awesome job to replicate FIFA 19 Android.


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