Things that make You Interested to Download FIFA 19

download fifa 19

These things mentioned in this article will make you eager and interested to download FIFA 19 from the internet. There are plenty of reasons why FIFA 19 might be the biggest game to be released by EA Sports. So, are you wondering what the reasons might be that makes you really wanted to download the game? Stay and read the article to the end to find out more!

  1. The continuation of The Journey

The Journey is an RPG-like simulation game mode of FIFA which firstly introduced in FIFA 18. In the mode, you are playing as a character named Alex Hunter, which is originally a British player. If you have played FIFA 18, then, you will know that at the end of the story, Alex Hunter was rumored to be transferred to Real Madrid. However, in the sequel on FIFA 19, it turns out that the rumor was a fraud and Alex Hunter is now facing a rash fact that he will be loaned to LA Galaxy, and there is no way back to his former club. Will Alex reach a better career in football? Well, the choice is yours to make it come true in FIFA 19!

  1. You can now play to compete in UEFA Champions League

This has been a hot rumor for quite a while, but the rumor is actually true! After so many years of UEFA license in the hands of Konami, this year, EA has managed to secure the license for them in order to be put in FIFA 19. Now, unlike the earlier versions of the series, you can have the option to feel the atmosphere of UEFA Champions and Europa League! The tournaments will have a huge feature in the game, which provides you a wide range of customization using any European teams that compete in the Champions and Europa League. Another point to make you download FIFA 19!

  1. Dynamic Tactics

This is the feature that will be loved by gamers who are keen to design tactics and strategy in football. We know that the series allows us to create a customization to the team before and the match. However, this feature provides you a wider range and a more immersive detail to the customization. The feature brings you a wide number of approaches to tactics to assist you winning any matches you encounter. You can download FIFA 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 28, 2018.


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