Why It’s Better to Look for PUBG PC Download than Playing on Consoles


You might want to look for PUBG PC download if you want to play one of the most popular battle royale games right now. PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battleground can be played in several platforms, from mobile devices, consoles to PC.

But, there are some advantages you can get if you play the game on PC.

Better accuracy

When you are playing PUBG on PC, you use keyboard and mouse. Using keyboard and mouse will allow you to shoot more accurately and faster.

The inventory system of PUBG is slot-based. So, when you are using keyboard and mouse, you can use the inventory system much more easily. You can easily pick up weapons and put it on open inventory slot. When you are playing on PC, equipping attachments for weapons, such as silencers, stocks and scopes, can be done much faster.

More Update

While consoles have their own advantages, PC is considered as the platform for serious gamers. And that is why the PC version of a game usually gets more update. So you do not need to worry about dealing with laggy game when you are playing.

When it comes to PUBG, the PC version is much better than the console version since it has less bugs. Lesser bugs mean you can play PUBG on your PC better, without having to worry it will lag.

Better Performance

Unlike consoles, you can customize your PC. It means that as long as you have the money, you can make your PC as powerful as you need it to be. That is why the PC version of a game usually offers better graphics than console version.

Aside from better graphic, you can also get higher frame rate if you play PUBG on high-end PC. When you are playing on consoles, the best framerate you can get is 60 fps. You can only get that framerate if the game you are playing does not have stunning graphics.

While if you are playing on PC, the sky’s the limit. As long as your PC is powerful enough, you can get high frame rate even as you put the graphic on the highest setting.

One benefit of playing on consoles is that it is much easier to set up. On PC, you need to download the game first before installing it on your PC. If you are determined to play PUBG on PC though, looking for PUBG PC download on the internet is not that hard.


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