Why People are Still Searching about How to Get Grand Theft Auto 5 for Free

how to get grand theft auto 5 for free

Grand Theft Auto 5 was initially released in 2013, but there are still so many people who are looking for information about how to get Grand Theft Auto 5 for free. Grand Theft Auto 5 is five years old now, but it attracts many people to play.

Here are a few reasons why people still want to play Grand Theft Auto 5.

Beautiful Open-World

When you play Grand Theft Auto 5, you will play in a fictional city named Los Santos in San Andreas. The city is based on Los Angeles. If you are a fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, you might already know about Los Santos when you play GTA: San Andreas.

But in Grand Theft Auto 5, you will find that Los Santos has become larger. Rockstar, the developer of GTA 5, also made the city more detailed compared to the earlier game.

Los Santos might not be as crowded as Liberty City, but it is still is one of the most detailed fictional cities in games. You can explore the urban neighborhood and do anything as you please.

Interesting Main Characters


In Grand Theft Auto 5, your task is not to save the world. The three main characters you are playing are not good guys either. They are criminals. Even so, it does not mean their stories are dull and boring.

There are three main characters you can play: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Franklin is a member of a gang who insists that he tries to do the right thing. At first, he was a small criminal who does simple crimes like small robberies and carjackings. But then, he is tempted to do something bigger.

Michael is a man in his 40s. He used to be a con man. He is obsessed by appearances. He tries to have a good life with his family but he is haunted by the mistakes he has made. Last but not least, there is Trevor. To put it simply, Trevor is a violent psychopath.

Trevor’s childhood is far from happy. He was abused physically by his father while his mother emotionally abused him. She tended to treat him as if he was useless. Later on, he joined the military as fighter jet pilot. He was able to complete his training. He even got a license as a pilot. But he failed psychological evaluations which got him kicked out of the army. After that, he started his life as a criminal.

Open-world and compelling story are just two reasons why people still liked Grand Theft Auto 5 so much. It is no wonder people are still searching for how to get Grand Theft Auto 5 for free.


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